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It's such a fine line
yet such a hard one to traverse
fall too far into either and you are swallowed
nothing anyone says can reach you
tread carefully or you'll be pulled in
Reality can sting you sharply
but fantasy can push it all from your mind.
If you choose to loose yourself
behind it's rosy glow
it will fight back with wishes and hopes
and misbeggotten indulgences, best left as dreams.
But then, a fantasy can keep you sane
help you to believe in a new reality,
inspire you.
It can give you the courage you need
to face a world that's harsh and cruel
with the strength to change the way things are.
And reality with it's hard edges
can bring things into focus
and make you see what's real
it can show you just what matters
be that your dreams or something concrete.
Just because you can't see something
doesn't mean it's not there
and just because you can see something
doesn't mean it can't be changed.
Take the willpower of your dreams
and apply them to reality.
But don't get lost in either,
that is easier than it seems.
A friend of mine,he was one of my best friends, he can be so insightful and have so much intelligence, understanding, wisdom for someone so young, but beside all that, he has his world, which is a fantasy so intrigate and so essential to him and his life that he can't truly see anything around him, he uses it to protect himself from things he doesn't want to see, but in the end it is his undoing because he also cannot see what he needs to see. I've written this now because I have finally stopped balancing on the edges of his two worlds. The real world, where he is one of my best friends and that's all, where we can talk sense and have a laugh and then his fantasy where he's built me up to be his perfect girl, where nothing can stop him reaching for a future where we are together, where we go on picnics and ride into the sunset, nothing will make him realise it won't happen, because he doesn't want to listen and he has refused to listen every time I said no. So I can no longer walk the path between his two worlds, as melodramatic as that sounds, it is crushing me, making me feel so awful, but he tries to drag me over to his fantasy world and I can't go there, no matter how many guilt trips, cries, how much pain and sadness he tells me his is going through, I can't be his perfect girl, if he won't listen to 'no' which he isn't, I am going to have to force us to go our separate ways. So I guess this is my goodbye, thank you for all the smiles and laughs, but there are no longer enough for either of us to keep going on.
wovennature Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2012
Story of my life. I really like it, I always read things like this, they inspire me.

Some of my friends are like that as well, and honestly I don't know what to say. Amazing poem and amazing words.
merlfoxFell Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
I'm glad that poetry can inspire you, thank you :) I think I've decided to just leave him to it, I can't stop him from living in what I see as too much fantasy, but I can't just ignore it and continue, so I'll let him carry on and I'll go my own way. :)
wovennature Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2012
Sometimes I see that as the best way. Something you can't really change in life.
And i did try a little poetry of my own... in my opinion it's bad... but after about the first ten minutes it got a favourite... So... :)

I tried. ;)
And perhaps it may be best for the two of you to go on seperate ways :)
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